Directly from our greenhouse to your living room, today we discuss houseplants. 
This episode highlights four popular houseplants. Erin & Justin will tell you how to care for them, how to help them thrive indoors throughout the cold winter months and maybe, just maybe, how to say their Latin names. Trust us, these plants are easier to care for than they are to pronounce.

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zz plant

spider plant

peace lily

mother-in-law tongue

If you’re a beginner or you’ve just convinced yourself, you can’t keep a houseplant alive, give one of these selections a try. They’re lower maintenance plants with more forgiving dispositions. With the right growing conditions and little effort you can have an indoor green thumb!

Asparagus Fern
Cast Iron Plant
Cactus & Succulents
Spider Plant
Jade Plant
Janet Craig Dracaena
Dragon Tree
Splitleaf Philodendren
Mother of Thousands
Snake Plant
ZZ Plant