Time to fertilize your lawn again. Mid-June is one of the four times recommended by the WSU Agronomist for fertilizing lawns in Puget Sound. The other three times are mid-September, 25 November and the 1st of May. We recommend Dr. Earth Super Natural Lawn Food or Gardener & Bloome Lawn Fertilizer. Both are completely organic. 

Fertilize Asparagus and Rhubarb throughout the spring for maximum leafy growth. Use fertilizers high in Nitrogen such as Blood Meal or Sulfate of Ammonia.  Keep hanging fuchsias looking nice and blooming all summer by removing old flowers and seed pods. Fertilize every two weeks with Blooming and Rooting Soluble Plant Food. 

Many house plants can be moved out for the summer as soon as nighttime temperatures are above 55 degrees. Place them in a shaded area for a few days to prevent sun scorch on the leaves. They would really love a light shower from the garden hose to wash away the winter collection of dust on the leaves. 

When picking strawberries and raspberries pick up and discard any fruit that has over ripened on the plant. By removing over-ripe fruit more fruit set will occur. 

Help control algae in your pond by adding floating plants. Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce are both excellent choices. Their roots hang down (offering cover for small fish) and absorb nitrogen in the water. Nitrogen deprived water is harder for algae to grow in. 

Prune Pine trees this month by snapping off candles (new growth) by hand. Wearing rubber gloves will help keep sticky sap off your fingers. Using pruning shears can injure needles and leave brown tips. 

Remove spent flowers from Rhododendrons by dead-heading or by pruning as soon as they have finished blooming. Fertilize with Dr. Earth Rhododendron Fertilizer